A Case For…Johnny Manziel

Great game Texas ATM not so much for texas last time i saw SAW THOSE HORNS

Spinning Back Kick Daily

Sitting in front of my TV on New Year’s Eve watching the Chick-fil-a Bowl, I sat in amazement of the performance that Texas A&M and former Heisman quarterback JohnnyManziel was putting on.

In fact, for the first time I sat there watching him play and thought ‘Wow this kid is ready for the next level.’

Things didn’t start well of Manziel and the Aggies though as they found themselves down 14-3 at the end of the first, but Manziel showed something that seemed impossible at the beginning of the season; maturity and leadership.

After two 15-yard personal fouls from receive MikeEvans that stalled the drives, Manziel had enough. He ran off the field through down the helmet and got right into Evans face. He made sure though as Evans turned his face away he made sure to get his message across in a calm way to get…

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